Yoga Mats for Beginners

Material: foam; Dimensions: 72" x 24" Cushion: 1/2"

Material: PVC; Dimensions: 68" x 24" Cushion: 3mm or 5mm Weight: 3 lbs

Material: Foam; Dimensions: 72" L x 24" ; Cushion: 1/2 inch

Material: Foam; Dimensions: 71"x24" Cushion: 1/2" Weight: 12.2 ounces  

Material: Thermoplastic elastomers (TPE); Dimensions: 72 x 24" Cushion: 5mm Weight: 2.2 lbs  

Material: PVC. Latex Free; Dimensions: 68"L x 24"W; Cushion: 5mm; Weight: 4.25lbs; Gaiam Sol Studio Dry-Grip Review Gaiam is a known fitness and yoga brand created by Jirka ...

Material: PVC. Latex free; Dimensions: 68"L x 24"W; Cushion: 5mm;  

Material: Closed Cell; Dimensions: 72"x 24"; Cushion: 5mm

Material: foam; Dimensions: 72" X 24" ; Cushion: 1/2''

Material: Natural Jute fiber and Eco Pvc; Dimensions: 72" x 24; Cushion: 5mm; Weight: 3.4 lbs

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