Cool Yoga Mat Designs

Once you become a yogini, your favorite subject will no longer be outfits, but yoga mats! Yoga mat is a must-have accessory for all yoga practitioners due its benefits. It provides comfort, safety, and stability during yoga practice. Besides that, this is the place where we will spend most of our time. Because of that, not only it must be high quality,it needs to have a cool design for inspire us.

Companies are not only enhancing the quality of the yoga mats they produce, they are also investing in creating yoga mats with cool designs. And when I mention customized yoga mats, it is not about yoga mats available in different colors, it is about high quality graphics and patterns on it as flowers, drawings, and geometric lines.

Lots of people wonder where they can buy a customized yoga mat. That’s why we did a list to you find a customized yoga mat for you!

1- Elephant Reversible Yoga Mat from Gaiam



Gaiam is a very known brand by its gorgeous printed yoga mats! Elephant Reversible Yoga Mat caught our attention, because it has two beautiful designs in each side of the mat. Every time you use it,you can choose between a blue elephant and an ancient paisley. The colors are vibrant and bright. Also, this mat is longer and thicker than the average yoga mats. Be ready to receive lot of compliments!

2- Amethyst Traditional from Magic Carpet Yoga Mat



Amethyst Traditional was created by the artist Sophie Leininger, and her creation is a truly masterpiece. This beautiful pattern was inspired by traditional textiles, which gives this yoga mat a unique style. The colors are vibrant and create a relaxing atmosphere for your practice. Also, this yoga mat has a great thickness, and it is extra-long!

3- Belize Printed Xtra Lite Mat from Prana



Belize Printed Xtra Lite Mat was created by Prana. It has a really beautiful pattern on it to inspire your practice. It is super lightweight, which makes this mat easy to carry around, and perfect as a travel yoga mat. Also, it provides you great grip, so you are not going to have any problem with slipping. This yoga mat will definitely lift your spirit, and brighten your day.

4- Baddha from Mandala Atletica 



This lovely premium yoga mat was created by Mandala Atletica. It is beautifully printed with dream-catchers, and native american designs. This is a eco-friendly yoga mat, which means it was manufactured without releasing toxic substances on the earth. Besides being an unique yoga mat, it is also very comfortable due its perfect amount of cushion. You won’t have any problem in carrying this yoga mat around, since it is quite lightweight. As you can see, it is not just a cool yoga mat, but high in quality as well.

5- Agama by Mandala Atletica


Here is another designed yoga mat by Mandala Atletica. No wonder their yoga mat are well-known by its designs. The colors are vibrant, yet peaceful, which allows you to relax during your yoga practice. It is a perfect yoga mat in terms of size, cushion, and weight. It has enough thickness to protect your back, and great traction to provide a stable surface.

6- Magic Carpet by Incline Fit


This extra long yoga mat is not only super comfortable, it is also beautifully designed with mandalas, geometric patterns, and vibrant colors. Be ready to receive many compliments in your yoga class. It can be a hard task to find a yoga mat both well designed and well cushioned. The good news is: you can find all these features in Magic Carpet by Incline Fit.

7- Nirvana Pro Yoga Mat

nirvana yoga mat


Do not hesitate in purchasing this yoga mat because of it is price, it is worth every penny. It is made with good quality material, which makes this yoga mat great for both hot and steady classes. You’ll get enough thickness to protect your knees and back, and a perfect traction to avoid you of slipping around. This design has bright colors, and it is exactly as pictured.

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