Where to Buy a Yoga Mat

There is a common question that repeats almost daily in my life as a yoga teacher. “Where can I buy a yoga mat?”

Well, virtually you can find yoga mat sellers in any kind of platform, hence, social media, niche websites, big companies, etc. Also, you can simply cross the street, and go check on this little sport store that you never paid much attention.

My goal, however, is not to tell you a certain place where you should buy a yoga mat, but show you all the options available out there. There is not a single answer for that question. What I can tell you, for sure, is that it doesn’t need to be complicated.

According to your preferences such as payment, specific brands, and receipt, you can choose one of the options bellow. Make it simple, and put away all your excuses. Buy a good yoga mat right today!

Let’s check some options available for you:

1. Buy yoga mat in store

1.1. At the mall

Going to mall is the weekend program of many people out there. It is a place where you can do many things, specially buy stuff.

Walk around the mall for few minutes, and you will definitely find a sport store. Nowadays, any kind of sport store sells yoga mats.

1.2. Find stores near your

Don’t like going to the malls? No problem! You can find out fitness stores near your home by a very known way: google maps!

You will not have to keep walking in circles in a street market until find a store. You can simple connect on google maps and write keywords, such as “sport store”, “fitness store”, “yoga store”. It will find you sport stores near your address, show you the way and how much time it takes to get there.

Why you should buy a yoga mat in a physical fitness stores:

  • Try before you buy it: I think the best benefit of buying a yoga mat from a physical store is that you can try the mat before buying. Everyone have their personal preferences about the features of the mat. Some people rather an extra cushion mat, while other people prefer a very grippy mat. It depends of your needs, goals, and how much money you want to spend on it.
  • Get it in perfect condition: Another good thing is, you will not have any kind of bad surprise, such as a poor quality material, and a damaged mat. Unfortunately, it is quite common to happen when you buy things online.
  • No waiting: For last, but not less good than the others benefits is, you will have your yoga mat at same moment. You might want your yoga mat to join in a yoga class as soon as possible. It takes some time to you receive the package by mail. Moreover, when you buy in a physical store, you get the yoga mat at your hands right away.

2. Buy yoga mat online 

2.1. Buy from Ebay or any big Ecommerce plataform:

Is there anyone who never had heard about Ebay? This international company doesn’t stop to grow and to get acknowledge by its quality around the world. You can find in Ebay a wide variety of products, such as electronics, books, and, of course, yoga mats.

You just need a couple of minutes of your day to quickly register on Ebay and buy one of their yoga mats. You can read the reviews of others consumers about the yoga mat before purchasing it. All the products sell in Ebay is given a certain number of stars by the clients.

Ebay, however, is just one of the biggest online stores. You can also buy from Big Island Co, Wallmart, Bestbuy, etc. I hugely recommend Ebay, because I have previously bought from this website, and I had no problem at all.

2.2. Buy directly from a yoga mat brand’s website:

You also can purchase a yoga mat directly by one of the yoga mat brands available on the market. I previously wrote about the best yoga mat bands, you can check it clicking here.

My favorite yoga mat brands are: Manduka, Prana, Gaiam and Lululemon. All of them have online stores to sell directly their yoga mats. You can check the released yoga mats, details, and review of others consumers.

Why you should buy a yoga mat from internet:

  • One click: In order to visit a physical store, you first must have a time available for that. Most of people have many obligations during the day – university, job, internship, family. It can be tough to find an appropriate time to go towards a physical store.
  • Buy from your home: The biggest good side of buying in a online store, is that you can do it from everywhere you are. You can buy a yoga mat directly from the comfort of your home, or by your mobile phone. It will just take you few minutes and all is done.
  • Promo codes and discounts: Online stores are frequently offering discounts of their products, especially in holidays and end of the month. You don’t need, however, check their website every single day. Just subscribe your email to the store, and they will send you a notification at first hand.
  • Save money: This benefit can be the solution for buying a yoga mat in an accessible price or saving some pennies. It is one of my favorite things about buying online!
  • Many yoga mat options: Virtually you can find every kind of yoga mat online, since brands, types, materials, and prices. It is far richer in options than physicals stores. You will not have so many options available to you in physicals stores, even the biggest one. Therefore, you will not waste your time looking for a yoga mat here and there. In few seconds, your dream yoga mat is found.
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