Best 5 yoga mats for travelling in 2017

Practicing yoga while travelling should be as natural as your practice routine at home. Many yogis concern how to find an appropriate mat to carry in long trips. This question, however, is not silly.

Most of mats are too bulky, heavy and long to transport while travelling, which can give you some trouble. This is why there are types of yoga mats made specifically for people who need to travel.

The common features that any yoga mat for travelling must presents are:

  • Light weight: You will carry your yoga mat with you for long periods. Plus, you will be already carrying way to much stuff – suitcases, backpack, etc.  Lightweight yoga mats are way easier to carry, and will not bother your back.
  • Foldable: Your yoga mat needs to fold up nicely for easy transport and storage. You must check up if your yoga mat folds up compact and flat, once you are looking for a mat which fits easily into your bag or tote.
  • Great cushion and grip: Even though your yoga mat needs be portable and lightweight, it is not enough judgment to buy your travel yoga mat. After all, you don’t want to just care your mat everywhere – but actually practice yoga on it! Therefore, it must provide you a great cushion for a comfortable practice, and a nice grip while you performance the postures.
  • High durability: It is not worth investing into a yoga mat which will not last the first session of yoga. High-quality yoga mats are designed with good materials, which will provide you comfort during your practice for a long period. That’s why it is usually more expensive. Look preferably for a mat made with ecologic-friendly materials, because it affects positively your practice, health and planet.

1) Jade Harmony Travel Yoga

jade-harmony-travel-yoga-matBUY IT HERE

Pros:  This mat is made of natural rubber, which is a known eco-friendly material and non-toxic. Regards the thickness, it is a thin mat (1/8’’) which folds up easily and flat.  Although it is quite thin, it doesn’t slip at all! The grip is great and way superior compared to others mats.  You won’t be disappointed about the size, since it is a regular sized mat. It also provides you comfort, but not so thick that mess up your balance while practicing yoga.  It is a well-worth investment for people who look for a great & lasting travel yoga mat.

Cons: You might feel that this mat is slightly heavier due the rubber material. Most of people, however, don’t even notice this characteristic since it is still very lightweight compared to another yoga mats. It is also important to mention that it has an open-cell design, which takes few days to break-in.

2)Manduka Eko SuperLite Travel


Pros: This mat doesn’t get behind the first one; actually they have quite similar features and benefits. Manduka Eko SuperLite was made of biodegradable natural rubber, and, therefore, free from harmful chemicals.  It provides a great grip on carpet and hard surfaces. It is easy to pack, both to fold up or roll up. It will fits nicely in your suitcase due it being thin, compact, and light. This mat doesn’t take up much room at all! It is  one of the bests yoga mats to carry with you whether you are a backpacker and a traveller.

Cons: As previously mentioned above, this is a super light mat, hence, doesn’t have lot of cushion. It might make your practice a bit uncomfortable if you have any kind of joints and back problems. Otherwise, it works great, regardless of not having extra cushion.

3) Gaiam Foldable Yoga Mat 2mm

gaiam foldable yoga matBUY IT HERE

Pros: This is a very pleasant travel mat to choose as well. One of the best things about this mat is the cost-benefit. It is cheaper than most of travel yoga mats, and still provide you a high-quality experience.  It is a super light, compact, and sticky mat. I love how it folds up neatly and thigh, with no resistance at all. It is light enough to carry on long walking, hiking, and any other kind of adventure. The thickness is adequate for carpets and hard floor.  Not much money but looking for a decent mat? Go on this one!

Cons: This mat can be slightly slippery, but not enough to impact negatively your practice. Moreover, it doesn’t have much cushion, since it is designed to be light weight, in order to be easily carried. You might feel a bit of discomfort if you have any kind of wrists pain.

4) Prana Nomad Travel Mat

prana travel yoga matBUY IT HERE

Pros: Prana Nomad Travel Mat deserved to be one of the top 5 travel yoga mats. It is an eco-friendly yoga mat made of biodegradable materials.  It is a lightweight and very compact mat, hence, very portable mat to carry when you are travelling. It packs great and is a durable mat. Plus, it provides you two sided textures, which provides you a great cushioning and admirable grippy.

Cons: This mat is comfortable enough for normal health individuals, but individuals who have sensible knee and/or wrists, might feel a slightly discomfort. The mat also can be a bit slippery when you are sweating.

5) YogiMall

yogi mall travelBUY IT HERE

Pros:  To close with gold key, YogiMall Nature could not be off the list! This travel yoga mat is SGS Certified, which ensure its high quality. It is also environmentally friendly, and free from toxins and strong chemicals odor.  Obviously, it is also lightweight, transportable, and folds up easily.  It can be used both sides to meet your needs: one side provides great traction, while the other side offers you enough cushions to protect your wrists/knee.   Besides it all, this mat is wider than a typical yoga mat.

Cons: This mat tends to be a little slippery at first, but your experience gets better after a while.


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