Best Yoga Mats Brand

Last time I decided to buy a new yoga mat for me, I got stunned by how many brands, styles, colors, and features was available to me in the store. I remember when the word “yoga” sounded a bit strange for most of people, and in order to find yoga mats, I should look for “Pilates mat” – yes, it is funny, I know!

The fact is, yoga turned out as a trend quite fast, and lots of people are trying to find a good yoga mat to start their journey. However, as everything in life, there is always two side of the same coin. While it is exciting to have many options of yoga mats out there, we can feel a bit lost among so many products.

Here is a list of the best yoga mat brands of the current market. It is very likely that you have heard about some of these good yoga mat brands already! Let’s get started.

1. Manduka


The word “Manduka” sounds like a melody to any yoga teacher ears. This is could not be any other way, since Manduka is a yoga mat brand committed to provide high quality yoga mats for both professionals and beginners.

Why you should buy a Manduka Yoga Mat:

  • Yoga mats for professionals: This yoga mat brand has a category known as Manduka PRO series, aimed to professionals. And, before you feel jealous, get to know they also have yoga mats dedicated for beginners, and even for little yogis!
  • Eco-friendly mats: Furthermore, it is an ethical brand, which offers yoga mats made with eco-friendly materials. Virtually, there is almost no waste on the manufacturing process of yoga mats. They provide 3 categories of eco-friendly yoga mats: eKO, eKO Lite, and eKO SuperLite. Could it be any better?
  • Extra-long yoga mats: Manduka offers both standard length and extra-long mats for their clients. All the mats are designed to be long-lasting and, therefore, go along with you for a couple of years.
  • Lots of thickness options: The yoga mats offered ranges its thickness from 5mm to only 1.5mm. You can pick up the one which best meet
    your needs. All of Manduka’s yoga mat has an excellent grip, traction, and padding.
  • Great prices: You will find yoga mats with cheaper prices,for instance, around $40 dollars, and others more expensive above $300. It is worth every penny! Nothing compares to buying from a brand which is committed with the quality in their products, environment, and their clients.

Top 3 Best Yoga Mats by Manduka:

1. Manduka Pro: $$$

manduka pro


2. Manduka Pro Lite: $$$

manduka pro lite


3. Manduka eKO Lite: $$

manduka eko


2. Jade Yoga


Have you ever heard these beautiful stories with meaningful life-lessons? Jade Yoga’ s story is one of those. It all started with the CEO’s grandfather, which began an oriental rug business, and turned this into one of the most well-known and respected rug dealer.

His father kept on his grandfather’s business. But, at the time, there were no rug pads with quality, leaving only options of slippery and uncomfortable rugs pads. Through this problem, his father found a solution that would change Jade’s business: natural rubber. Why is it relevant? You will find out!

Why you should buy a yoga mat by Jade Yoga:

  • Inspiring story: In 2000, Jade Yoga began on the yoga mat’s markets, focusing in find a solution of a brand new problem. All the yoga mats offered on the market were quite slippery and full of chemicals. The solution found, was already known by his family. It was in the natural rubber.
  • Environmentally friend yoga mats: Since then, Jade Yoga has been manufacturing yoga mats made of natural rubber, free of toxic, and Eco-friendly.
  • Superior quality yoga mats: These natural rubber yoga mats provide great support as well as an excellent grip. Additionally, natural rubber has a superior cushion than the typical PVC yoga mats, providing a delightful experience.
  • For every mat sold is planted a tree: After all, one of the most rewarding things is, that for every mat sold is planted a tree. It provides double benefits for the planet and future generations – from the manufacturing to the selling. They’ve already reached no less than 1 million of trees planted so far!

Top 3 Best Yoga Mats by Jade Yoga:

1. Jade Harmony Professional: $$$$


2. Jade Travel Yoga: $$$


3. Jade Fusion: $$$


3. Prana

prana logo

Prana is a company committed to inspire people to be their best version – health, free, and active. They started out mainly as a clothing brand, however, they have rapidly become known by their yoga mats. Nowadays, it is one of the bestselling yoga mat brand.

Why you should buy a yoga mat by Prana:

  • Stylish yoga mats: Their teamwork is made of yogis, climbers and wanderlusts. These features are found in their versatile, and stylish yoga mats. You’ll find yoga mats with adequate features to practice at your home as well as in the top of a mountain.
  • Responsible business: This brand makes Eco-friendly choices in the whole manufacturing process. They make sure to informer their clients about their actions in accordance with a responsible business. Common practices of this brand are recycling, composting, and aid to international charities.
  • High quality yoga mats: Their mat has an excellent grip preventing you from sliding over the floor while changing of posture. It is made of high-quality closed cell foam, which absorbs moisture and is recommended for people who sweats a lot. Say goodbye, for strong chemical odors.

4. Lululemon

1024px-Lululemon_Athletica_logo.svg (1)

Similar to Prana, Lululemon also is a clothing brand, which sells some sports accessories like yoga mats, socks, water bottle. However, Lululemon has become highly known by manufacturing yoga mats superior than the offered by the market.

Why you should buy a yoga mat by Lululemon:

  • High quality materials: One of my favorites mat are from Lululemon, it provides a good grippy on carpets and hard floor. It endures to sweaty, regular yoga practices, from vinyasa to bikram yoga. It has a decent durability, and will be with you for a long time.
  • Enough thickness: Their yoga mat allows you to stay in poses longer and with more confidence. It can be quite distracting to hold a posture when you are feeling any kind of discomfort, or distraction. Your knees and wrists will definitely thank you!
  • Promote yoga classes for kids: If you believe on the power of meditation on the future generations, you have one more reason to buy yoga mats by Lululemon. They promote school programs that provide kids a unique experience to get in touch with their mind, breath and body. This brand believes that such things as yoga and meditation must be accessible to anyone, any community.
  • Responsible business: Lululemon is an ethical business that embraces values as social, environmental, and economic health. These are three words that lead their business management and responsibility.
  • Sustainability: They promote sustainability by educating local-communities about it, collaborating with others brands with same vision, and reducing any kind of waste.

5. Gaiam


This brand’s name has a beautiful reason to be. Not a random creative name, but a meaningful choice to describe this company values. Gaiam, is a fusion of both terms: Gaia and “I am”.

The roots of the word Gaia, falls back upon ancient Greece 5,000 years ago. Upon this time, Minion civilization believed that we are interconnected with the Earth. No separatists, dualistic vision. The concept of “Gaia” means this connection with the Earth. Therefore, there is no such a thing as the planet and us. There is just one organism inter-being.

Why you should buy a yoga mat by Gaiam:

  • Eco-friendly brand: The fusion of the word “I am” at end of “Gaiam”, could not be any better insight. For that reason, Gaiam stands up for the preservation of the Earth in all its form. Lakes, oceans, animals, air. The mats are manufactured free of the 6 most harmful chemical substances.
  • Beautiful designs: Gaiam yoga mats are designed with unique patterns that have the power of make you feel centered, and in peace. There are many options available from nature’s patterns to mandalas. Their mats represents well the meaning of their brand, and reminds us of our inter-being.
  • Great grip: It is a grippy mat with non-slip surface. Say goodbye to the days of sliding over floor while attempting downward-facing dog.
  • Extra wide yoga mats: There are also mats longer and wider than standard yoga mats if you prefer. And one of my favorite thing is, the extra cushioning added in some mats.
  • Great prices: Their yoga mats are cheaper than the most of good yoga mat brands, and yet are high quality. The prices rages from $21,99 to $74.98. There are mats for advanced yogis, beginners and kids as well.
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