Top 5 Best Yoga Mat Towel

Sooner or later, any serious yoga practitioner will need to buy a yoga mat towel. During a regular yoga practice, you will pass through periods of warmer temperature, which will make you sweat buckets. It might happen that your beginner yoga mat does not fit to a hot yoga class because of being too slippery.

Basically, a yoga mat towel is used by two main reasons: to improve the traction and grip of the yoga mat, and to wipe away sweat from your hands, face, and body. Putting one of the best yoga mat towel on your mat does an excellent job in both areas. It brings your yoga practice to another level.

It is not groundless why yoga mat towels are specifically made to yoga practice. Although they might have the same material than ordinary towels, they absorbs moisture way quicker than the last one. Not to mention that they are manufactured to fit on a yoga mat, while standard towels are usually too long or too tiny.

Regardless what might be your case, it is highly recommended to everyone to buy a yoga mat towel. The price of a yoga mat towel ranges from $10-$55. Which one is the best yoga mat towel to you will rely upon on what you are up to: are you taking hot yoga classes? do you want to improve the traction of your cheap yoga mat? or do you naturally sweat a lot when exercising?

We did a list of the best yoga mat towels available on the market that fits all purposes:

1- Manduka eQua yoga towel

best yoga mat towel


Manduka is a renowned yoga mat brand because of its high-quality products. Not only yoga mats are worth of buying from them, but their yoga towels as well.

Manduka eQUA yoga towel is made of microfiber, a superior material. It does an excellent job to prevent you from sliding over the floor while practicing yoga. Since I have been using this yoga towel, I haven`t experienced my hands slipping on the mat when I was trying to do some postures.

I`d recommend this yoga towel for anyone who is taking hot yoga classes. This yoga towel textures improve traction and grip of your yoga mat. They stay in place during the whole session, and will provide a firm and safe surface for you.

This is one of the best yoga towels you can purchase for a quite cheap price!


This yoga towel texture is rough for wiping sweat from your face. It might not be optimal for people who have sensitive skin.

2- Yogitoes Skidless yoga towel



We love this yoga mat towel for several reasons! One of the reasons is because once it keeps in place on your yoga after a whole class. At end of the class, no matter how much you have been sweating, this yoga towel does an amazing job absorbing the moisture. Actually, the towel gets even more grippy after sweating on it!

By buying this yoga mat towel, you are being environmentally conscious. This yoga mat towel is 100% of recycled material. Plus, the are more than 25 colors available to you – chakra blue is my favorite!


Unfortunately, after washing a couple of the times, the color bleed in the wash. It is a bit pricey yoga towel, but it is still worth it, since it has a long duration.

3- YogaRat hot yoga towel

best yoga mat towel 454


Made of 100% of microfiber, this yoga mat towel is both soft, absorbent and thick. When I first placed this yoga towel on my mat, it stayed straight on my mat during the 60-minutes hot yoga class. This yoga mat towel provides you a non-slip surface, which makes downward facing dog and balance postures relaxing, and easy!

Comfort is also guarantee by the extra padding on this towel. This is definitely one of the best investments you can make towards your yoga practice.Unlike Manduka eQua yoga mat towel, this yoga towel can be both used on your yoga mat and to dry yourself after your practice. This material is excellent, and it maintains its integrity after washing it almost daily. Plus, it is quite durable yoga mat towel as well.


It is thicker than most of yoga mat towels available on the market, and it can take you a while to get used to it.

4- Aurorae Sport Mat Towel

aurorae best yoga mat towel


Zero issues with slippage is one of the highest benefits of purchasing this yoga mat towel. If you are on bucket, this is one of the best yoga mat towel with both low-price and high quality, you can find.

This yoga mat towel fits perfectly on my yoga mat, and does not move on the most flow-transitioning. It is enough soft to people with sensitive skin, but still grippy to prevent you from sliding over the floor. Once you are sweaty it gets unbelievable grippy – even more than before.

There are another good reasons to buy Aurorae Sport mat towel as well! . It is available in the extra size for the happiness of taller people. Even after washing a couple of times, it has held up perfectly. To anyone who is practicing bikram yoga or hot hatha yoga, this yoga mat towel will do wonders!


This yoga mat towel may have a strong smell, which goes away after a couple of washes.

5- Gaiam Thirsty Yoga Towel


gaiam yoga mat towel


I bought a couple of yoga mat towels during the period of 5 years of hot yoga practice, and this one was one of the most unexpected, great findings! Judging by the low price, I thought I should not raise my expectations – fortunately, I was wrong.

Gaiam Thirsty Yoga does a good job than most of yoga mat towels that costs 3-5x more. It is durable, highly absorbent, and soft. It is large enough to thoroughly cover my yoga mat. It offers you a non-slip surface to practice yoga with safety and free from any distraction. Plus, it dries quite fast, which is one important thing when you practice hot yoga.

Also, it held up after a couple of washings, no matter how frequently it happened. I just love all the colors available, specially the Vivid Blue/Fuchsia. These colors are as beautiful as it shows on the pictures.


It is not too thick as other yoga mat towels, but still keep your sweat away from the bottom;

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