Benefits of Yoga Mats


Definitely the modern symbol of Yoga is a mat.This is the first concern of beginners before getting started to the practice, and most common yoga community subject is how to find the perfect one. And there is a reason!

Even thought you do not need anything else than your own Self to practice yoga, the yoga mats bring many benefits to make the practice more relaxing – specially for who is starting or spend hours on asanas.

We have done a list with the main benefits of having a yoga mat! Check it out.

Provides you comfort

It is quite usual that at first weeks a beginner will feel uncomfortable while stretching, holding postures, and breathing. Specially if you have any knee or joints sensibility issues. A good yoga mat will meet the needs of each individual, providing enough padding to feel comfort during the practice.

Improves balance

A solid and firm surface will encourage you to hold the asanas for longer – boosting its physical and mental effects. A good mat will have the right amount of stickiness to keep you from help you maintain a good alignment as you move out to other postures.

Prevents you from injury

Wood surfaces, for example, are extremely slippery during the transitions out of asanas. . It is needed a surface with enough thickness to feel comfort, but not much to affect the balance. The traction is important to provide you a solid and firm surface to perform yoga poses.

Creates a sacred space

It defines your sacred space, which you will feel more connected to practicing anywhere. It transforms any place in sacred to take a deep breathing and nourish high intentions. That is the reason why I high recommend to a practitioner have your own personal mat.

The yoga mat is a good place to turn when talk therapy and antidepressants aren’t enough.

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